After many years just focusing on writing and music production Bryan decided to build a studio of his own and start recording an album of songs.

5 years later Bryan has become social again, he has come out of the shred shed and is now aiming to get his music heard by those that appreciate good music.

The Recording Process


Bryan played all the instruments on the presentation “bar a couple of drum tracks”, not because he’s a control freak but because his studio is basically a summer house in his garden and he couldn’t make a lot of noise due to the neighbours.  He got in trouble once or twice when recording the drums.

He recorded over 30 songs for the Album which were boiled down to 11 whilst he mixed and mastered the tracks for release.  Bryan worked then saved money from gigs to buy the next piece of gear he needed to make his recordings.

Halfway through the recording and mixing process a new piece of guitar wizardry changed everything for Bryan. He discovered the Kemper profiling amp (OBVIOUS PLUG FOR SPONSORSHIP lol) and in short this piece of gear gave him the possibility to have any amplifier he had wanted  so recorded all the guitars and basses again!

The idea of putting an album out in the first place was to allow other more successful artists to listen and maybe record his songs for music publishing.

Another Year


So lining up all the publicity, social networking, media, websites, videos etc has taken another year to get his product out and we are still working on getting Bryan heard.  When you listen to Bryan please bare in mind the hard work it has taken him to create something that in our opinion has the potential to stand up shoulder to shoulder with anything else in its field .

Thank you so much for your support and to everyone who has bought Bryans album and singles so far, lets keep real artist and songwriting alive.

“The music industry doesn’t stop outside of the charts its just they get the break others have yet to receive.”

The Presentation


The team of ninjas that work to get Bryan recognised for his hard work believe in his product.  Bryan needs a good management team and label to grow his brand.  The opportunity to be heard and to be recognised as an artist is what Bryan needs to climb the next step up.  His tracks have a hook, they feel like they are already established in America somehow, they have a familiarity about them.


In presenting a single, an EP and an album, videos and a presentation we are hoping that Bryan will be signed to a company that can nurture the product to it’s full potential.


Guitars and Influences

Since buying my first record (Kiss Alive 2) I always wanted a Gibson Les Paul and always liked those melodic guitar solos that Ace Frehley performed and of course the harmony guitars with Paul Stanley , this then got me into Thin Lizzy (more Les Pauls) and Gary Moore, Boston, Journey and the like.

The 80’s and 90’s saw the demise of the Les Paul and everyone had a pointy guitar which I hated, they always looked too small for an average sized man and seemed fiddly to play and very light, so I stuck with my Les Pauls for a while longer until I got into country music… it then became a must to have a Telecaster and a Strat which I did and never looked back but there was always this love for a Les Paul and how it looked… iconic!

The last 10 years writing and recording with Strats and Teles has changed my influences a bit into players like Keith Urban and Brad Paisley and my playing style from a melodic player with some strong Hendrix melded into it   has developed into a melting pot of it all which is all over my album “ Up the Dusty End” which is also where the title comes from!

Originally the phrase “up the dusty end” was a bass players saying for playing above the 12th fret… not what some people think it means! but I like the cheekiness of it.

Brian Emerson